Cambridge Academy of Transport

provides maritime education through a variety of courses aimed at the management or executive levels of companies within international shipping and trading.  Programmes are practical in nature and topics focus on commercial practices within the shipping business. Cambridge Academy of Transport was established in 1985 and is an independent organisation based in Cambridge, England.

Maritime training programmes

Online learning

The trend to online learning has been upon educators for over 10 years but it is only during the current Pandemic that the delivery of online programmes has been scaled up enormously. High speed internet connections have provided a richer environment for more interactive training courses online and Cambridge Academy of Transport is in the throes of migrating much of its knowledge base into an online format. The links above provide fuller information on the progress of this migration. Read on….

Contact learning

Contact Learning is provided by short, intensive courses in both residential and non-residential formats. The Cambridge Courses are residential, based at either Selwyn College, Madingley Hall or The Møller Centre. All venues offer quality accommodation with private en-suite facilities.

Two types of non-residential programmes are available in London: The Baltic Exchange Series which concentrate on practical commercial shipping topics and the London Courses which focus more on legal aspects of the business including laytime and demurrage.

Distance learning

The Distance Learning series offers inexpensive knowledge at a pace to suit the student. While the contact with other participants is missing, the education is supervised by a team of Tutors with practical experience of shipping.

Images of Cambridge

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