Academy Profile

Cambridge Academy of Transport has been conducting a wide range of maritime transport related educational programmes for over 25 years. No two courses are alike, other than in their basic structure. Current issues always dictate content, which is being continually updated by the lecturers who have hands-on experience and day-to-day contact with the industry, thereby giving a practical slant to all the programmes.

We offer a variety of methods of learning and different styles of programmes. Many of the courses are accredited with the Law Society of England and Wales and carry Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points for successful attendance. A brief outline of the programmes can be found on the website and further details will be provided upon request. Below is a summary of the groups of educational products offered.

Cambridge Residential Courses

The Cambridge Residential Courses present a unique opportunity to study in the historic environment of the University town of Cambridge. The content includes workshops, case studies and discussion sessions; participants benefit from the opportunity of interaction with others of different cultures and nationalities.

All courses include a varied social programme where participants can be taken on a guided tour of Cambridge with its internationally famous colleges, experience punting on the River Cam or enjoy sports, pubs or the theatre. The programme concludes with a Farewell Dinner at one of the prestigious colleges in the city.

Business contacts, lasting friendships and opportunities have all resulted from these carefully balanced programmes.

London Short Seminars

For individuals who cannot afford the time commitment of a residential course, the Academy offers a number of short seminars in London which are centred around a numer of specific subjects. Most have a legal theme looking in detail at aspects of charter parties and bills of lading.

The Baltic Exchange Series

Cambridge Academy of Transport have tailor made a series of practical courses in association with The Baltic Exchange to meet the needs of those involved in the shipping business. The Baltic Exchange lies in the heart of Maritime London and its members represent many of the individual service industries. Staging practical courses with the Exchange, the home of shipbroking, will give participants a unique insight into this fascinating city together with an opportunity to further business contacts. Lecturers and workshop tutors are carefully selected from the industry; all have an in-depth working knowledge of their specialist area based on many years of experience.

Distance Learning

If you work in shipping, shipbroking, marine insurance or the legal profession, you will find a great deal of useful information in the distance learning courses which Cambridge Academy of Transport offers. Much of it would take years to acquire through day-to-day experience. Indeed, the value of these courses is their widespread overview of each subject so that, however specialised your own career, you will be able to understand how other areas of the industry fit in with your own expertise. This additional knowledge will not only improve the enjoyment of your daily work but also increase your personal value in the shipping community.

Profiled Courses

As the name implies, these courses are of a unique format, offering a range of topics specially designed to meet the sponsoring organisation’s needs either in-house or at a local venue. By using appropriate experts as lecturers and structuring the course around a specific set of objectives, a “Profiled Course” will help an organisation to remain sharp, competitive and well organised for a positive future.