Dry Cargo Chartering

 This comprehensive course on dry cargo chartering will give you all the necessary information to become a dry cargo broker. The authors are practising daily at the centre of this important market and impart practical advice alongside the principles of chartering.

Course content (14 Lessons)

Lesson Topics

  • Commodities — Details of major dry cargoes, their routes, methods of shipment and problems — Ports and their facilities
  • The Ship — Types of vessel and their construction — Bulk Carriers, General Cargo and specialist ships — dimensions, plans and cargo gear.
  • The Principals — The roles of the Shipowners — Charterers — Shippers — Receivers.
  • The Market — How the markets function — The role of brokers — Market Indices.
  • The Voyage Charter Party — The printed form and the extra clauses.
  • The Timecharter Party — The printed form and extra clauses in regular market use.
  • Voyage Estimating — Methods of calculation voyage earnings for both Shipowners and Charterers. To download spreadsheets used in the Lesson Seven text, click here.
  • The Negotiations — How chartering negotiations are conducted.
  • The Psychology of Broking — Working the market — Suggested methods.
  • Vessel Earnings — Calculation of Voyage Freights and Timecharter Hire — Performance claims — Liens
  • Laytime — The calculation of laytime — Demurrage and despatch
  • Post Fixture — The actual voyage and how to make it work efficiently
  • The Law — A review of recent cases applicable to dry cargo.

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